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The Department of Computer Science in Dortmund contributes to the international research in a variety of fields. Its research encompasses the entire range from foundational questions to applied problems. Research results are published in international journals and conferences or, in the case of industrial co-operation, become part of innovative products.

wuerfel2502enResearch at the Department of Computer Science is organised in working groups. One or more working groups are clustered into chairs, which are dedicated to clearly defined research fields.

The university thereby endeavours to cover the entire span of Computer Science, so as to make the best possible use of the resources of such a large department.

The current research areas can be clustered into four broader research subjects:

  • Software, Security and Verification
  • Distributed and Embedded Systems
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Algorithmic and Formal Foundations

Each of these areas addresses the whole spectrum from theoretical to practical, i.e., the fundamentals and methods, the systems aspects, and the applications. These areas also form the basic structure of the two research-oriented master programs of the Department of Computer Science.

Follow these links to learn more about our Research: