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Research Groups

Research Area „Software, Security and Verification“

  • Theory of Data Types (Padawitz, Chair I)
  • Software Engineering for Secure Systems (N.N., Chair XIV)
  • Software Engineering with Focus on Evolutionary Software and Systems (Rehof, Chair XIV)
  • Programming Systems (Steffen, Chair V)
  • Databases and Information Systems (Teubner, Chair VI)

Research Area „Distributed and Embedded Systems“

  • Modelling and Simulation (Buchholz, Chair IV)
  • Design Automation for Embedded Systems (Chen, Chair XII)
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (Krumm, Chair IV)
  • Embedded System Software (Spinczyk, Chair XII)

Research Area „Intelligent Systems“

  • Pattern Recognition in Embedded Systems (Fink, Chair XII)
  • e-Service Engineering / Electronic Services (Jannach, Chair XIII)
  • Information Engineering (Kern-Isberner, Chair I)
  • Data Mining (N.N., Chair VIII)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Morik, Chair VIII)
  • Computer Graphics Systems (Müller, Chair VII)
  • Computational Intelligence (Rudolph, Chair XI)

Research Area „Algorithmic and Formal Fundamentals“

  • Algorithmic Foundations and Education in Computer Science (Fischer, Chair XI)
  • Algorithm Engineering (Mutzel, Chair XI)
  • Logic in Computer Science (Schwentick, Chair I)
  • Computational Complexity Theory and Efficient Algorithms (Sohler, Chair II)

Cooptions, Cooperations and Professors in retirement

For further information please visit Chairs and Cooptions.

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