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Research Area „Algorithmic and Formal Fundamentals“


Optimisation with Evolutionary Algorithms

An algorithm is a series of instructions that, while being executed, solves a task. One of the ambitions of computer science is to find efficient algorithms for given problems that use as few instructions and resources as possible. Of fundamental nature is the question if, and under which constraints, it is at all possible to find an algorithmic solution. In this context, computer science also studies non-numerical computation, using methods from formal logic.

Among others, the following research topics are relevant:

  • Analysis of problems with respect to their algorithmic complexity,
  • Search for efficient algorithms for specific problems, for instance by transferring principles inherent in nature (Computational Intelligence) or by combining efficient algorithms for sub-tasks to solve more complex problems (Algorithm Engineering),
  • Evaluation of the complexity of algorithms, e.g., the number of necessary instructions,
  • Experimental analysis of algorithms,
  • Assessment of heuristic and definite algorithms in real-world domains.

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