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Research Area „Intelligent Systems“


RoboSoccer: A Testbed for Autonomous Systems

Systems are regarded as intelligent if their behaviour is perceived to be intelligent by human observers. In this sense, intelligence has a broad interpretation. Intelligence can be found in individuals as well as in populations of individuals and may also refer to the evolutionary aspect. A competence that is in many ways typical for intelligent systems is their ability to interact with the environment with natural senses and actuators. Artificial intelligent systems may go far beyond the ability of natural systems if we think of the limited ability of natural individuals to process visual, acoustic, haptic, or olfactory information.

Among others, the following research topics are relevant:

  • Interaction between user and their environment, e.g., in „intelligent rooms“, via sensors using pattern recognition technologies,
  • Modelling of physical attributes of real-world environments to build virtual representations of this reality,
  • Visualization and analysis of data and processes in engineering and natural sciences,
  • Contribution to data mining problems in extremely large databases by using the many varying approaches of machine learning.


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