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Research Area „Distributed and Embedded Systems“

The objective of computer science is to design and implement information processing systems. The spectrum of systems range from stand-alone computers up to world wide cross-linked computer networks like the WWW. Currently, the integration of computers in other products, like cars, mobile phones, or robots, is a fast growing field. The task of such programs is to control the system and to enable the interaction of the product with its environment, be it another technical systems or a human user. Modern technical systems, such as cars, contain a growing number of simple computing components, also known as embedded systems, which must be able to communicate with each other and with the driver, to guarantee accurate operability. The design of interlinked embedded systems requires special design principles, methods, and tools to be able to handle the complexity as well as to enable an efficient realisation.

Among others, the following research topics are relevant:

  • Ex ante evaluation of quantitative attributes like effectiveness, efficiency, reliability and availability of information processing systems,
  • Systematic development and maintenance of distributed software systems as relevant net-based services like, e.g., internet-based information systems,
  • Interaction between user and their environment via sensors,
  • Integrated design of hardware and software while using high-level languages and appropriate compiler techniques.

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