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Research Area „Software, Security and Verification“


Relation-algebraic Analysis of Petri Nets

A core topic in computer science is the development of the large software systems that are becoming more and more ubiquitous in our daily lives. Dealing with the whole live cycle of these systems is becoming ever more relevant: from the requirement specification of an application, up to the maintenance of the final system. The complexity of this design and implementation process demands methods and techniques for specification, construction, maintenance, and adaptation.

Among others, the following research topics are relevant:

  • Development and deployment of formal specification methods for requirement analysis,
  • Development and deployment of formal methods for analysis and verification in the system specification stage, aiming at early fault detection,
  • Modellingof business processes,
  • Visualisation of software,
  • Algorithmic support for schematics design, using semantics derived from application models,
  • Optimisation of queries using high-level logic and object oriented query languages, also using semantics,
  • Security requirements like availability, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, anonymity and probability.

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