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Collaborative Research Centre SFB876

The German Research Foundation (DFG) allowed the application of founding the Collaborative Research Centre SFB876 "Availability of information by analysis of restricted resources" in November 2010.

The Collaborative Research Centre SFB876 brings together data mining and embedded systems. On the one hand, embedded systems can be further improved using machine learning. On the other hand, data mining algorithms can be realized in hardware, e.g. FPGAs, or run on GPGPUs. The restrictions of ubiquitous systems in computing power, memory, and energy demand new algorithms for known learning tasks. These resource bounded learning algorithms may also be applied on extremely large data bases on servers. In relation to practice there are copious applications among computer science, biomedicine and mechanical engineering.

Collaborative Research Centre 876’s speaker is Prof. Dr. Katharina Morik, chair Computer Science VII. Its board of management consists of Prof. Dr. Peter Marwedel (faculty of computer science) and Prof. Dr. Christian Sohler (faculty of computer science) as well as Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Rhode (faculty of physics) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Wietfeld (faculty of electrical engineering and information engineering).

An in-depth description of the Collaborative Research Centre 876’s objectives, each single sub-project, and the results can be found here: Collaborative Research Centre 876

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