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Collaborative Research Centre 531

The research field „Computational Intelligence“ (CI) is dedicated to methods of sub-symbolic (numerical) knowledge processing. Most visible here are Fuzzy-Logic (FL), Neuronal Networks (NN), and Evolutionary Algorithms (EA), but the focus is also on other, less well-known methods.

The Collaborative Research Centre „Design and Management of Complex Technical Systems with Methods of Computational Intelligence“ is an across-the-departmental-border institution of the University of Dortmund, funded primarily by resources from the German Research Foundation (DFG). This centre was established in 1997, aiming at the foundations, the common ground, and the application of CI-Methods.

An in-depth description of the Collaborative Research Centre 531’s objectives, each single sub-project, and the results can be found here: Collaborative Research Centre 531


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Geschäftsführung Dekanat Informatik


German Research Foundation (DFG)