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General Remarks

Spektralringe Computer science is relatively new, but has in a short period of time emerged as a key scientific discipline. Today, computer science penetrates almost all areas of life and contributes significantly to the progress in other sciences.

With a keen sense for the future, the founders of the University of Dortmund anticipated the relevance of computer science. With the foundation of the Department of Computer Science in Dortmund in early 70th, they provided an enduring contribution to computer science in Germany. For Dortmund and the surrounding region this decision has had extraordinary positive consequences: today, our region is one of the most important locations for IT companies and, consequently, attracts innovative companies who depend on the competence of computer scientists.

The job prospects for computer science graduates have always been above average and there is no evidence that this will change. To the contrary: experts predict an exceedingly critical shortage of computer scientists – with drastic consequences for the economic productivity in Germany.

The educational program of the Computer Science Department is characterised by the following aspects:

  • as consequence of the large number of professorships, Dortmund features an unusually broad spectrum of scientific subjects,
  • a high level of inter-disciplinary co-operation, especially with the departments of engineering, economics, bio- and natural sciences,
  • the integration of a special course, the one-year long project group, in the curriculum, in order to foster project management skills and soft skills like team work and presentation techniques,
  • close co-operation with the City of Dortmund, with companies of the region, and with other scientific institutions.

We very much appreciate your interest in our department and the study courses we offer. If you should chose to study at our department, we assure you that we will provide you with an excellent education that lays the foundation for a successful career.

Information about our Bachelor and Master programs are currently only available in German. Please follow this link:

 Information about Bachelor and Master programs

To learn more about Computer Science in Dortmund please follow this link:

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