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Computer Science in Dortmund

Computer Science in Dortmund is in manyfold ways a story of early innovation and dynamic development.

Dortmund: A location for Information Technology

Computer science in Dortmund has a long tradition. Some highlights from the early times of computers:

  • one of the first data processing units of Germany – a magnetic drum computer – was installed in Dortmund,
  • one of the first full-transistor computers in the world was installed in Dortmund, and
  • in 1957, Germany’s first consulting company for computer technology, the Mathematischer Beratungs- und Programmierdienst (mbp GmbH), was founded. It was the first software company in Germany.

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Computer Science at the TU Dortmund

Dortmund, a city between tradition and (technological) modernity. “Gate to the Ruhr Area” with the university campus in the western part. More than 22,000 students are learning for their careers, supported by 3,000 scientists, technical and administrative employees. more...