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Computer Science at the TU Dortmund

Dortmund, a city between tradition and (technological) modernity. “Gate to the Ruhr Area” with the university campus in the western part. More than 22,000 students are learning for their careers, supported by 3,000 scientists, technical and administrative employees.


H-Train at the TU Dortmund

It was already in 1972 when the first computer science students enrolled. Hence, the TU Dortmund is one of the first departments in Germany offering computer science course. Today, the department belongs to the biggest in Germany featuring a superior spectrum of computer science subjects.

This thematic broadness allows students to choose their focus flexibly from a wide spectrum of field of computer science and applications. In companies the courses of study at the department enjoy an excellent reputation – with positive consequences for the access to the job market afterwards.


The graduates of the department of computer science have influenced the economic change in the region strongly.

This can possibly best be seen by strolling through the TechnologyPark Dortmund in close vicinity to the TU Dortmund. Many companies that are based here were founded by former computer science students. They have contributed significantly to the evolution from the old to the new Dortmund. The department cultivates the contact to its former students with its alumni society.


In the winter term 2007/2008 a new chapter began with the start of the bachelor and master courses in Computer Science and Applied Computer Science: in this transition the successful concepts from the diploma-courses were adopted and combined with elements that comply with the bachelor-/master-system. Special emphasis has been set on strengthening those parts that are practice oriented.

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