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Computing Service Group (IRB)

Computing Service Group (IRB) is a central service unit of the department of computer science. It was founded in 1978 as a computing centre to run the first large-capacity computer of the department.

Today IRB manages the department's network and its integration into the university's network and the world wide web.

IRB also offers a number of central services to the department's users - from e-mail to central data backup. It is responsible for the department's central pool for teaching. This responsibility consists of system administration (Sun Solaris, Linux (Debian), Windows Terminal Server), supply of application software, user administration and hardware management.

By request these services are also provides for the chairs. In all these areas IRB plans, provides advice and supplies to the department.

IRB also runs multiple projects either self-contained or in co-operation wih associate partners.

More detailed information on IRB can de found here: Website of IRB

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Nicole Kusmierz
Tel.: 0231 755-2758
Operating IRB
Tel.: 0231 755-2789