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14. Lehre Lunch: Probleme = eine Lösung für die Lehre?! Problembasiertes Lernen (PBL) in der Informatik

Mittwoch, 07.07.2010, ab 11:15 Uhr, Raum E04, Otto-Hahn-Straße 14


Probleme = eine Lösung für die Lehre?! Problembasiertes Lernen (PBL) in der Informatik

In the last decade, Problem Based Learning (PBL) has become a powerful and highly-regarded alternative to traditional classroom teaching in universities across Europe. Originally developed to teach students in Medicine and Health Sciences, its potential has also been explored to disciplines such as Psychology, Engineering, Political Science, Management and Computer Science.

The talk at the Department of Computer Science, TU Dortmund, intends to explore the potential as well as the challenges to change a program towards PBL. Possible connections to existing project-based modules at the department of Computer Science at TU Dortmund will be made.

Prof. Nadjm-Tehrani, Professor of Real-time Systems Laboratory (RTSLAB) at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, is a distinguished expert on PBL in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Prof. Nadjm-Tehrani was among the team of some 15 people who implemented PBL in the computer engineering field at Linköping University, with the IT program that has been running successfully for 15 years. She has been documenting her experiences in PBL education in several international publications.

Dr. Antonia Scholkmann and Bianca Roters, who are currently involved in a research project, that measures the effects of PBL at several European Universities, will give an overview on the fundamental ideas and principles of PBL. In the main discussion, Prof. Nadjm-Tehrani, will explain how PBL has been implemented in a study program at the Department of Computer Science at Linköping University.



Dr. Antonia Scholkmann, Bianca Roters (HDZ, TU Dortmund): Introduction to PBL

Prof. Dr. S. Nadjm-Tehrani (Dept. of Computer Science, Linköping University): PBL-based Computer Science Education: Insights and Experiences from IT@LiU


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